BitTransfer: Mitigating Reactive Jamming in Electronic Warfare Scenarios


Authors: Savio Sciancalepore, Roberto Di Pietro

Date: 30th of July, 2019

This page is dedicated to the release of the source code of the BitTransfer protocol, enabling wireless communications between any compatible Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) devices in the presence of a powerful reactive jammer, able to disrupt any communication in the network independently from its origin location and used frequency. To enable communication, BitTransfer takes advantage of the logic of the jamming, translating a silent time-slot (i.e., the absence of any radio operation) into valuable and meaningful information.

BitTransfer is a lightweight, powerful, and efficient anti-jamming protocol, particularly suitable to defeat reactive jamming in Electronic Warfare scenarios. Thanks to its simplicity and flexibility, BitTransfer can be implemented efficiently in any COTS device, to enable protection against reactive jamming.

All the details necessary to download, compile, and run the BitTransfer protocol on the Openmote-b hardware plaform can be found at the following github repository.

For any question or help, please contact:

Enjoy with the BitTransfer protocol!