Crypto-Mining Shield



Founding Entity: Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) – Innovation Center

Amount of the Founding: $ 12,000.00

Duration of the Project: 1 year

Lead Investigator: Prof. Dr. Roberto Di Pietro


This project aims at detecting and identifying unauthorized mining of cryptocurrencies in local networks. Crypto-mining is a costly activity that drains a lot of resources to the user’s device while affecting the electricity bill of the company. When crypto-mining is performed without the user/corporate consent becomes cryptojacking: a malicious and stealthy activity to accumulate crypto-wealth by using someone else computational power. Unfortunately, there are not yet effective solutions to this cybersecurity threat. This project proposes a new integrated approach (host and network) to infer on the presence of a crypto-miner in a local network. This solution significantly impacts the current cybersecurity landscape by introducing a practical and viable approach to a growing and unsolved threat.


Here is a link to the video on the official HBKU YouTube channel.