New Dimensions of Information Warfare


By Roberto Di Pietro, Simone Raponi, Maurantonio Caprolu, and Stefano Cresci. 2021, Springer

The digital revolution has changed Information Warfare. Not its core objective—information dominance—, but the dimensions along which the cited concept is affirmed, adding a few ones that have been so far quite neglected.

This book:

  • Provides a timely, complete and coherent scenario of the new dimensions of Information Warfare (contributions that span from technology to economics), while at the same time following a rigorous yet communicative style.
  • Presents recent real-world examples that will help the reader to seize the extent and impact of the menace, and get an understanding of the possible countermeasures, challenges, and related trade-offs in information warfare.


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Part 0: Introduction (Foreword by prof. Roberto Baldoni, Chapter 1- New Dimensions of Information Warfare)

Part 1: Society (Chapter 2 – Information Disorder)

Part 2: Economy (Chapter 3 – Cryptocurrencies, Chapter 4 – FinTech)

Part 3: Infrastructure (Chapter 5 – Critical Infrastructure,  Chapter 6 – Business Entities)

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