Developing Physical-Layer Security Schemes for Internet of Things Networks



Founding Entity: North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO)

Amount of the Founding: 390,000 Euros

Duration of the Project: 3 years

Lead Investigators: Dr. Marwa Qaraqe (Lead PI) and Dr. Saif Al-Kuwari (co-PI) and Dr. Gabriele Oligeri (co-PI)


Internet of Things (IoT) networks have a wide range of applications including military and security applications. Distributed nodes in IoT networks are usually constrained by limited energy and processing capabilities. As such, employing conventional complex data security mechanisms represents a challenge to IoT nodes due to the induced complexity and high energy consumption. This project will propose lightweight security mechanisms tailored for IoT networks considering the physical-layer security approaches. The project includes scientific experts from three different partners in Portugal, Qatar and Jordan, and lasts for three years.