Physical Layer Solutions Exploiting Deep Learning for Authentications and Availability in Wireless Communications

Presenter: Sayyaf Al-Hazbi, PhD Candidate
Date: May 24, 2022

Wireless communication systems are key component of today’s digital revolution. Due to their well-known benefits in cost reduction, flexibility, mobility, and providing service on large scale, they have been adopted in many indispensable current and emerging technologies.
Nevertheless, the broadcast nature of the radio propagation in wireless medium makes the technology vulnerable to malicious attacks. Jamming, spoofing, and eavesdropping are a few types of threats facing wireless communication. Although many solutions have been proposed by the research community, most existing ones rely on energy-intensive cryptographic techniques or function at higher OSI layers requiring extra processing. Such solutions are impractical and cannot be deployed on light computational and restricted energy wireless devices. The key contribution of this work is to investigate, design, and develop innovative lightweight physical layer solutions based on cutting-edge deep learning techniques to address the security aspect of wireless communication availability and authentication.