Sea Security



Founding Entity: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Amount of the Founding:  350,000 Euro

Duration of the Project: 3 years

Lead Investigator: Dr. Saif Al-Kuwari


Dr. Saif Al-Kuwari (Lead Principal Investigator) and his team member, Dr. Roberto Di Pietro (Principal Investigator), both faculty at the College of Science and Engineering’s (CSE) Information and Computing Technology Division, were recently awarded a substantial three-year grant from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Emerging Security Challenges Division. The grant, estimated at 350,000 Euros, will address sea security (SeaSec) aiming at building upon existing border and port surveillance systems to improve them through the addition of new detection technology rapidly deployable on maritime areas such as borders and ports. In particular, the solution leverage squads of drones (DroNets) that autonomously coordinate to deliver relevant, complete and up-to-date information in a timely manner. The goal of DroNet is to provide monitoring support for critical scenarios in border and port security applications.