System Level Security for Power Grid

Enhancing power grid situational awareness and cybersecurity analytics at system level using existing smart devices in the network while optimizing the number and locations of PMUs


Founding Entity: Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF)

Amount of the Founding:  $ 211,078

Duration of the Project: 60 months

Lead Investigator: Dr. Gabriele Oligeri


Autonomous coordinated control schemes of the smart devices are proposed to enable attack resilient power grid. While the initial concepts of these smart devices have been studied in literature, their full potential and autonomous coordination to provide cybersecurity analytics, response to anomalies, and other smart grid services have not yet been fully explored. The proposed project aims to address these challenges by integrating deep learning methods, cybersecurity analytics at system level, high-fidelity model development, continues monitoring of smart devices cyber and physical data for in-depth intrusion detection, and multi-agent distributed networked proactive control strategy to enhance the smart grid security and resiliency.